Wednesday, September 19, 2012

COD - 9/19/2012 - A+ Click [Math]

A+ Click features a huge collection of illustrated, challenging math problems for students in grades 1-12 (ages 6-17). A+ Click can help students become proficient problem solvers. 

A+ Click features a set of over 2200 problems, progressively organized from the very simple to the extremely difficult. Also included are hundreds of practical problems, as well as many brainteasers. 

A+ Click problems include a short description and an illustration to help problem solvers visualize the model. Most problems can be solved within one minute and without the use of a calculator.

The tests adapt to student ability and can be useful in delivering differentiated instruction. A student must correctly answer 5 consecutive questions to progress to the next higher level. The problems focus on understanding, spatial reasoning, and problem solving.

Watch Mr Barton's Web Whizz Video 29 - A+ Click Math

A+ Click requires no fees or registration and includes no ads. A+ Click was one of a handful of sites selected as a "2010 Great Web Sites for Kids" by the American Library Association.


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