Wednesday, September 5, 2012

COD - 9/5/2012 - Film Story [Social Studies]

Film Story is an interactive resource to explore the relationship between film and history and to start conversations and provide interaction about historical topics.

Because so many people interact with and learn about historical people, places, and events through film. Film Story is intended to get people talking about the events of the past represented in film and use that dialogue as a place of learning.

Film Story strives to generate a sense of exploration and curiosity as you explore the relationship between history and film. You can dig through and interpret layers of historical information for yourself. 

Using Film Story, look beyond a film's representation of history and investigate the history of the film itself. What does a film tell you about the times in which it was made?

A goal of Film Story is to promote the access to, viewing of, and purchasing of the films featured. You should be able to locate the films featured on Film Story through online sources, DVDs, WorldCat, or local film rental stores.


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