Wednesday, September 26, 2012

COD - 9/26/2012 - Math/Science Nucleus [Science]

Math/Science Nucleus is an educational and research organization composed of scientists, educators, and others serving as an online science resource center for school districts, teachers, and administrators.

The major goal of Math/Science Nucleus is to develop students' problem solving abilities through science. To this end, they provide a free online reference science curriculum. The curriculum includes not only lesson plans, but online animated storybooks and slideshows that help educators integrate science content.

A second major goal of Math/Science Nucleus is to provide workshops to enhance the skills of educators by  increasIng their  teaching and science content skills.

Access to the K-12 Integrating Science, Math, and Technology Reference Curriculum is free and educators may use the copyrighted material in their classroom. Click on the I.Science MaTeFree Access symbol and enter over 27  years of research on how children learn science content. You will have access to both the elementary and secondary curriculum, over 6000 pages of research-based reference material.

Math/Science Nucleus has provided training in science, math, and integrating computer technology to more than 15,000 teachers. Their website averages 7000 users per day, serving students, school districts. teachers, and administrators.


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