Thursday, September 27, 2012

COD - 9/27/2012 - United Classrooms [Collaboration]

United Classrooms (UClass) is a free online collaboration platform that connects students to their classmates, teachers, parents, and other classrooms through a secure classroom profile page.

United Classrooms takes students beyond the classrooms walls. Diverse students can connect through the creation of a safe and dynamic global community where knowledge, experiences, and relationships can be shared.

With United Classrooms, teachers can:

  • Create projects, post homework/announcements, upload assignments, message students, and drive dialogue on the classroom feed.
  • Collaborate with other teachers anywhere in the world.
  • Post classroom announcements and information to keep parents informed and connected.
  • Manage student content, including deleting communication and suspending accounts.
  • Motivate lessons and discussions using content generated on UClass.

Students can dialog with their classmates, their teachers, and students around the world sharing thoughts, questions, comments, and reflections. Students can also view and download homework assignments and teacher announcements.

Watch a video overview of United Classrooms

The goal of United Classrooms is to give "students access to a world of possibility" and "to motivate and equip the next generation for more active and educated citizenship in their classrooms, their community and their world."


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