Wednesday, October 17, 2012

COD - 10/17/2012 - Teachem [Video]

Teachem makes it possible for anyone to create a class from YouTube videos by adding time stamped flashcards and review questions.



There is a lot of video on YouTube, including over 700,000 educational videos in its EDU channel. Teachem feels that while this leads to a lot of opportunity it can also be very overwhelming. Starting a class on Teachem can take as little as 30 seconds.


You can go further than just creating a single class. You can first create a school. Then you can create as many classes as you want in that school by adding time-stamped flashcards and review questions to the videos. You can have as many schools as you want, making them open to the public or private just for your own class.


Teachem is a free and easy way to share your subject outside of the classroom. Create classes from your own collection of videos, or easily add any of the thousands of other YouTube videos on your chosen topic. Add your time-stamped flashcards at any point to any videos.



An unusual and interesting feature of Teachem is that the FAQ page is a series videos using their own features.


Watch a video: Teachem: Learning Has Never Been Easier!

The creators of Teachem believe their website can do for teaching what blogging did for publishing, open it up to the masses.



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