Monday, October 8, 2012

COD - 10/8/2012 - LiveMinutes [Collaboration]

LiveMinutes is a free online collaborative meeting service focused on document sharing.

The most commonly used method of document sharing is by email, or perhaps Dropbox or some similar cloud-based solution. The documents are discussed on the phone with everyone looking at his own static version. The LiveMinutes team believes this process wastes time, and hinders effective collaboration.

LiveMinutes sharing allows everyone to videochat, looking at the same document at the same time, and annotating those documents in real time. 

With LiveMinutes conferencing, share up to 9 videos and conference for free. Join the call with your browser, Skype, or phone directly. The number is toll-free so there are no long distance charges.

A further feature of LiveMinutes is the generation of meeting reports that can be read online or downloaded as a PDF, so everyone can keep track of what was decided during meetings, and copies can be sent to those who could not participate. Your meeting chat and the audio conversation are recorded as well.

Watch a video walkthrough of LiveMinutes main features

If you are an Evernote user, your account can be connected to open and collaboratively edit your notes directly in LiveMinutes.



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