Tuesday, October 23, 2012

COD - 10/23/2012 - Textivate [ELA]

Textivate is a web app which allows users to automatically generate a variety of interactive browser-based activities based on any provided text.



Textivate is intended as a way for teachers to provide multiple interactive activities based on texts of their own choosing, which can then be shared with other educators and accessed by students.


Simply type or paste up to 500 words of text into the text box on the Textivate home page and click on the "textivate now" button to see all of the available exercises. Textivate automatically generates the exercises based on the length of the text you input.



Textivate also will generate an html code that you can use to embed that exercise into a blog, wiki, or web page.


Students are not expected to attempt all of the activities available for a particular text. Choose those activities which are most suitable to your needs and to the age and ability of your students. Textivate activities are well suited to use with an interactive whiteboard.



Watch a video Introduction to Textivate


Textivate is currently in beta. Anybody can use the website free of charge. However, some of the features require that you register.



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