Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Featured: 12/12/2012 SAGrader [Assessment]

SAGrader improves student learning by providing immediate feedback on their content-area writing. SAGrader provides a powerful alternative to multiple choice assessments.

SAGrader is perfect for knowledge-based courses in high school and college like biology, psychology, and history where writing is important.

You assign writing tasks to your students within SAGrader. Each student then responds and submits his or her essay online. SAGrader automatically grades the submission and gives the student instant feedback. The student can then revise and resubmit getting more feedback each time.

SAGrader encourages deeper learning and understanding through informal writing and revision guided by frequent feedback.

Easy to set up and rigorously tested to agree with human scorers, SAGrader is efficient and accurate saving time by eliminating hand grading.  

Other benefits for instructors:

  • Assure objectivity and comparability of every writing assessment.
  • Easily monitor student learning.
  • Get a window into your students' learning by comparing their revisions over time.
  • Add your own comments to student submissions.
  • Maintain complete control over final grades.

SAGrader is a fully-hosted, web-based service. No software need be installed.


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