Friday, December 21, 2012

The 'Working Math' Activities Ebook

Working Math is a collection of 90 activities designed to help students in career and technology schools retain basic, practical, everyday math skills with activities that have been placed in a meaningful context.

Most of the activities in Working Math have been designed so that a student can complete the task quickly with minimal teacher intervention. Each activity is contained on a single page. The Working Math activities are meant to review and reinforce fundamental mathematics that the student should have learned previously.

Working Math is available as a downloadable PDF ebook. To use a Working Math activity, you can print as many copies of that page as are needed and distribute to your students.
Once the Working Math ebook has been purchased and downloaded, you are allowed make as many copies of the activities as you want for classroom use.

There is also an annotated companion to the Working Math ebook that includes solutions to all the activities as well as teaching notes.

The complete Working Math ebook is $79 USD, the annotated companion is $99 USD, or bundle them together for $149. However, you can download a free sample of ten selected Working Math activities.

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