Monday, December 17, 2012

Featured: 12/17/2012 MindTap [Online Course Platform]

MindTap, from Cengage Learning, is an interactive, customizable, and complete online course platform. MindTap includes everything in one cloud-based solution.

MindTap is a platform of cloud-based educational products and services that engages students through highly interactive content including assignable and gradable learning activities.
Instructors have a choice of content, adaptable learning paths, additive learning tools, and multi-platform/device support. Rich content, learning activities, and apps are effectively mixed in one cohesive context.

The interactive features of MindTap make it possible for students to:

  • Customize their experience with a library of learning apps called MindApps.
  • Tap into a library of world renowned academic content, including tremendous assets from Cengage Learning’s Gale research tools and library databases.
  • Learn anytime, anywhere through access from multiple devices, desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone.
  • Learn concepts through in-context activities like interactive exercises, quizzes, and homework.

MindTap allows educators to incorporate their own content into the learning. They can selectively remove or reorder content to meet the unique needs of their students. Instructors can customize their course and make real-time adjustments to content making it possible to include ‘breaking news’ in their lessons and incorporate teachable moments.

Watch a video: MindTap Demo

Cengage Learning, the parent company of MindTap, is one of the world’s leading publishers of content in the education sector.


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