Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Featured: 12/5/2012 Quiz Hub [Assessment]

Quiz Hub is a source for free, online, interactive k-12 quiz games.

The focus of Quiz Hub is to help students strengthen their core knowledge of English, geography, history, math, and science through fun online interactive learning quizzes. Quiz Hub doesn't track individual students or generate reports about them.

Quiz Hub includes some printable tests that teachers can use in the classroom to assess their students. These fill-in-the-blank tests are randomly-generated and include answer keys.

Quiz Hub offers a subscription-based service. All subscriptions include 24/7 access to all quiz games for all subject areas from kindergarten through high school levels. School-wide licenses include school and home access for all teachers and students. Before purchasing a subscription, you can try the free quiz games.

The standard annual rate for Quiz Hub is $30 (USD) per student. School-wide discount rate is $300 (USD) for a school with a total enrollment less than 300 students, $1 (USD) per student if more than 300 students.

Because Quiz Hub doesn't require Flash, it can be used on the iPad.


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