Thursday, December 6, 2012

Featured: 12/6/2012 Writing Strategies [ELA]

Writing Strategies describes strategies students can use for success with writing. The site was constructed first to help teachers, but it can also be interesting for students and parents as well.

Writing strategies are the tools writers use to do their work. In addition to descriptions of successful writing strategies, Writing Strategies provides practice spaces, professional materials, and links to other writing-related websites.

The mental procedures writers use to control the production of writing are called writing strategies. Writing strategies are planned, focused ways of thinking about writing. They are used by writers to keep their writing progressing and to assure it comes out the way they intend.

What you will find at Writing Strategies:

  • Strategies for grades 3-6
  • Strategies for grades 6-12
  • Teaching writing strategies
  • Reading and writing research
  • Practice spaces
  • Lesson plans
  • Strategies in instructional contexts

A Writer’s Tool Box supplies writers with their own box of writing tools that can be used to help in each step of the writing process: Brainstorming, Strategies, Writing models, Essay structure, Grammar, Editing, Peer editing, and Publication Tools.

Writing Strategies Practice Spaces are online interactive strategies that your students can use: The Highlighting Strategy, The IBC Strategy, and The Q2O Strategy

Writing Strategies is a product of the University of Buffalo, Graduate School of Education.


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