Thursday, January 17, 2013

Featured: 1/17/2013 bContext/A.nnotate [Tools]

Today's post features two tools that can be used to annotate and share a variety of documents, one is an iPad app, the other is a web tool.

Use bContext to transform static files into engaging content that you can present on your iPad.

bContext users can add hand written notations and narrative to static documents, such as PDF, PPT, or images, without any costly software, equipment, or complex editing skills.

Use bContext to record iPad presentation sessions that express intricate ideas using interesting and attractive multimedia content.

The links to your bContext presentations can be shared for free on social networks. With a pro subscription, share them by email or with private groups. Anyone can view the recorded sessions using their browser, on any computer or mobile device.

A.nnotate is a web tool that lets you attach private or shared notes to documents and images using a web browser.

There are many applications for A.nnotate, including reviewing draft documents, compiling corrections for future revisions, selecting passages for future reference, and general document management.

You can annotate documents, images, and snapshots of webpages. Documents can be uploaded or emailed as attachments. Accepted document types include PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice formats.

There are free accounts for individual users that let you upload about 30 new pages a month. You can buy additional pay-as-you-go A.nnotate credits at any time or sign up for a subscription starting at $5.95(USD) per user per month.

A.nnotate runs entirely within your browser so there is nothing to install. The current version supports Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari, or Chrome. It does not require any plugins such as Adobe Reader or Flash.


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