Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Featured: 1/30/2013 PracTutor [Tutoring]

PracTutor is an adaptive learning platform to help students aged 6-14 master math and English.

PracTutor is  based on Common Core standards allowing students to learn and practice all the core concepts of math and English. Adaptive technology personalizes learning content to each student based on the student's individual skill level.

PracTutor implements a game-based environment to make it fun and exciting. The tools can encourage students to learn in small portions,  thus enhancing their power to grasp ideas and to understand and master each topic.

Not only is the PracTutor curriculum in sync with the Common Core standards, but they have tried to cover each and every standard specified for individual states, adding those that have not been covered in the Common Core. You will find all these state standards specifically shown with a separate code in PracTutor.

Most of the features on PracTutor are free to use.


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