Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Featured: 1/8/2013 NowGen [Biology]

Nowgen carries out dedicated education work focused on engaging directly with the formal education system – in particular, biology taught in schools.

In the education community, Nowgen strives to ensure that the biology taught in schools incorporates the latest research findings.

Nowgen works with students through hands-on workshops and other opportunities to explore genetics through practical activities and provides teachers with professional development and engaging resources to help students with contemporary biomedicine, especially genetics and genomics.

Nowgen has a wide range of resources suitable for a variety of audiences, such as videos about the influence of genes on common diseases; lesson plans about the role of nature and nurture, and policy documents, such as how and why genomics should be taught in the classroom.

Teacher resources have been designed to either support part of a lesson or be used to create an entire lesson plan. When browsing the resources, the ‘tags’ at the top of the page help narrow down your results.

Nowgen is a center of excellence in the UK in public engagement, education, and professional training in biomedicine.


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