Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Featured: 1/9/2013 MathScore [Math]

Developed by MIT graduates, MathScore provides math practice and assessment online, and is proven to raise math test scores through adaptive math practice.

MathScore is a research-based, practice-focused educational program for Kindergarten through Algebra I that provides fun without distractions. Emphasis is placed on foundational skills, helping students learn the skills that are the most important to succeeding in mathematics. MathScore provides over 200 different math topics, many of which require students to go beyond basic skills and apply them in the context of word problems and visual topics.

With assessments, progress tracking tools, and customized courses, teachers have the flexibility to differentiate instruction for every student on an individual basis.

MathScore provides a standard view of each course. However, by using the custom course and assessment features, teachers can define precisely which math skills they want their students to learn. It’s possible to create an assessment based on the customized course, supplemented with a suite of analysis tools.

MathScore is web-based, requires no installation, and can be used at home by students. Most web browsers are supported, and it works smoothly on an iPad and a variety of other mobile devices.


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