Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Rearview Mirror 3/23/2013

For those of you who may have missed an EDge21 featured post or who didn't have the opportunity to look at some of them during this past week, here's a second chance.


Nota is a collaborative platform where anyone can add videos, links, images, comments, and other content directly to the pages of an ebook.


GetEdFunding is a free grant finding resource to help public and private preK–12 schools, districts, educators, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations that work with them, locate and secure the funding they need.


Scrible is a free web tool to mark up web pages in your browser, manage them, and collaborate on online. It wasfirst mentioned on EDge21in 2011. TheStudent Edition of Scrible is a free upgrade for students.


Ticket To Reading Rewards is a reading incentive program sponsored by the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation intended to encourage middle school students to read books outside the classroom.

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