Thursday, May 16, 2013

Featured: 5-16-2013 Kikutext [Tools]


Kikutext allows teachers to easily and effectively communicate with all of their students' parents, with the goal of helping students learn better.


Using the Kikutext system, teachers are able to send quick individualized status updates directly to parents' cell phones as a text message. Parents can respond to these updates by simply replying to the messages from their phones. It's fast, easy, and free.

Kikutext works like this: Teachers add their class and create a "class code" which is shared with parents; parents text message the "class code" to the provided Kikutext phone number to start receiving their student's status updates on their cell phones; teachers can now send out quick, individualized status updates to parents, and parents can reply to the messages to communicate with teachers. And, with flexible recipient selection, teachers can message a single parent, a group of parents, or all parents.


Kikutext Features:

  • Two-Way Communication
  • Full Conversation History
  • Email-Style Inbox
  • Safe, Private, Professional
  • Versatile Messaging
  • Message Templates
  • Message Scheduling
  • Simple Parent Enrollment

 Watch a slideshow about Kikutext

Teachers only see names of parents, their numbers are hidden. Parents can only see the Kikutext phone number. No personal contact information is disclosed to either party.

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