Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Featured: 5-8-2013 HealthTeacher [Health]

HealthTeacher is an online resource of tools including lessons, interactive presentations, and other resources to integrate health education into any classroom.

K-12 teachers including classroom teachers, school nurses, guidance counselors and PE teachers can make use of HealthTeacher. Lessons are optimized for classroom integration enabling every teacher to teach health.

Evidence-based HealthTeacher lessons are built by experts: doctors, teachers, learning specialists. Topics include relevant issues kids face today: bullying, obesity, depression. Health lessons are built with real, grade-specific Common Core alignment with authentic informational text evaluations aligned to state and national standards. Measurement is focused on health literacy and behaviors.

Family newsletters connect to parents, and at-home challenges reinforce healthy habits at home.

HealthTeacher can stand alone as a school's comprehensive health education curriculum or it can supplement an existing curriculum.


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