Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Featured: 5-22-2013 Padlet [Tools]


Padlet is an online application that teachers and students can use to easily express and share their thoughts on a common topic.

Padlet 1

Padlet (formerly known as Wallwisher) describes itself as a multimedia friendly, free-form, real-time wiki.

A Padlet 'wall' is basically the web page where people actually post content. It works like an online sheet of paper where people can post almost any content, such as images, videos, documents, and text, anywhere on the page, collaborating with anyone, from any device.

To post on Padlet, double-click anywhere on the wall, then you can:

  • Write some text.
  • Add a link (YouTube, Wikipedia, image).
  • Add a file (document, spreadsheet, pdf).
  • Insert a webcam snapshot.

You can also drag-and-drop files from your desktop directly onto the page and it will get uploaded and displayed immediately.

Padlet 2

 Watch a video intro to Padlet

By default, Padlet walls are private. When you create a new wall, its URL is known only to you and not published publicly. If you share the address with others, the wall becomes semi-private as people who have the link can access it as well. There are options that allow more control, as well.


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