Wednesday, August 28, 2013

EDge21 Favorite: RealtimeBoard

RealtimeBoard 2

RealtimeBoard is an online tool for creating and implementing real-time visual presentation and collaboration.

RealtimeBoard online whiteboards can enrich your lessons:

  • Use whiteboards to dynamically draw your lessons.
  • Discuss the tasks with students either in or out of the classroom.
  • Access boards any time from everywhere.
  • Make a rich presentation to share with your class.


Create a new board from a template or from scratch. You can upload your own images or use images from the RealtimeBoard library of vector images. Add videos to your boards by pasting YouTube or Vimeo links. Use the mark-up tools to draw, create text, and make sticky notes.

RealtimeBoard 1

RealtimeBoard works with Google Drive, too. Drag-and-drop files from Google Drive onto your boards. With a Chrome extension, grab images from websites and web searches right to the RealtimeBoard library.

 Watch a video demo of RealtimeBoard

Share your RealtimeBoard public boards, or keep boards private. Invite colleagues to share boards. Set access rights: editors can make changes to your boards, viewers cannot.


First posted 5-21-2013

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