Monday, August 26, 2013

EDge21 Favorite: mQlicker


mQlicker is a free audience response system (classroom/student response system) using cheap, accessible, and readily available mobile and web technologies.

mQlicker enables the examination of an audience's knowledge, opinions, ratings, and so forth making it a useful tool for interacting with audiences in a variety of situations such as classrooms, conferences, and meetings.

mQlicker offers a range of engagement activities from standard multiple choice questions to open ended text responses. Instant feedback through the use of mobile devices can be used to test an understanding of the lesson's topic, to gauge the audience's views or opinions, to get to know the conference's profile, and to allow participants to express preferences.

A unique Session Key is generated when an interaction is started . The Session Key is then distributed to the audience who uses it in the mQlicker audience interface to provide responses via tablets or smartphones. Individual, anonymous responses are collected as they come from iPads, iPhones, Android, Blackberry, and Kindle devices and instantly collated into session results that are presented graphically. Text responses can be presented in the form of sticky notes that can be moved around to allow grouping into sets for commenting or discussion.

Core mQlicker functions are available for free. All that is needed to access mQlicker is to create a user account. No special hardware is necessary. Your PC, smartphone, or tablet (either iOS or Android) is supported.


First posted 1-16-2013

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