Tuesday, August 27, 2013

EDge21 Favorite: The Math Board Game

The mission of The Math Board Game™ is “to help teachers and parents effectively educate their students and children in math by engaging them with a fun and unique learning tool.

The Math Board Game was developed from the idea that games stimulate children’s minds and engage them in their own learning. The Math Board Game was designed so that students will enjoy playing the game and simultaneously learn math content which meets the Common Core standards.

The Math Board Game is intended to reinforce the Common Core math standards for students in grades 3-8 (aged 8-13). This game is a powerful, engaging resource for teachers to use in their classroom with their students as both a learning tool and a preparation for the Common Core standards assessments. Students compete individually or as a team to answer math procedure questions and perform math tasks, with the goal of moving around a colorful math game board and making it to the finish first.

Teachers can set up the game to focus on a single domain for a single grade level, or can mix-and-match the domains and grade levels, as appropriate. Review concepts from a previous grade level or extend learning into higher grade levels.

 Watch a video of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade math students playing The Math Board Game


First posted 2-6-2013

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