Thursday, August 15, 2013

Featured: 8-15-2013 Tynker

Tynker for Schools

Tynker is a computing platform designed specifically to teach children programming skills and computational thinking in a fun and imaginative way. 
The visual nature of Tynker makes learning programming easier. Kids build games and mobile apps by manipulating blocks of code. The need to know programming syntax is removed. As kids learn fundamental skills, Tynker introduces more and more advanced concepts including syntax driven programming.
Tynker 1
For educators, Tynker Scholastic offers lesson plans, interactive tutorials, assessments, and class management tools for grades 3-8. Tynker's browser-based platform allows students to use Tynker anywhere they have internet access.

Tynker was created by experienced technology users to encourage their own children, as well as others, to understand and enjoy programming through building games and mobile apps, creating music, animating drawings, and more.

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