Monday, August 12, 2013

Featured: 8-12-2013 Sketchlot

Sketchlot is a web-based whiteboard for schools that allows teachers and students to connect, collaborate, and share.
Sketchlot 2
Teachers create a sketch and share it with their students. The students mark it up and share it back. Any sketch created using Sketchlot can be shared with any member of your class, using the share feature.  Students can create pieces of work using their own devices and share it to you.
Sketchlot 1
Teachers add students to their own Sketchlot account so no student sign up is needed. As a teacher you create an account with a unique class code. Next, add your students to your network. Your students will log in using the class code and their own password (which you can view and change).

 Watch a Sketchlotdemo
Sketchlot requires no plugin, installation, or app. It should work on any modern computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

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