Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Featured: 1-28-2014 MathDisk


Create your own worksheets to visualize, interact with, and explore mathematics with MathDisk online.

MathDisk 1
MathDisk lets teachers and students explore mathematics in an engaging and interactive way with Natural Math notation, so students can simply type the expressions as they see them in their textbooks. 
MathDisk features:
  • Type textbook expressions without any need for specialized syntax.
  • Use drag-and-drop expressions to easily build 2-D and 3-D graphs.
  • Enrich your math worksheet with rich multimedia, such as image effects and videos.
  • Explore and correlate math and physics.
  • Use step-by-step animation with narration to explain complex concepts.
  • Easily share or embed worksheets online.
MathDisk Builder
MiBook - Math Interactive Book runs on your desktop and is intended for offline use. It incorporates all the features of the online version of MathDisk along with built-in ebook features to customize your products. Create and organize your worksheets into pages, chapters, and books. Import worksheets from web into your local MiBook application. Browse your worksheets offline, edit them, and create new ones anytime.

Experience interactive math on tablets incorporating rich user interface elements and high definition mathematical graphs that capitalize on cutting edge 3-D capabilities. The MiBook Explorer apps are available for both Android and iOS.
 See an introduction to MathDisk 3.0 
MathDisk is a small, self-funded, start-up company which began with a passion for mathematics and an "idea that high-end mathematical software tools should be simple for novice users-like educators and students-to create content, collaborate, and learn effectively."

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