Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Featured 2-25-2014: Wordflex Touch Dictionary


The Wordflex Touch Dictionary for iPad uses intuitive mind-mapping technology to turn word entries into dynamic trees that you can move, shape, rearrange, save, and share with touch gestures.

Wordflex 2
Developed in association with the Oxford University PressWordflex Touch Dictionary offers a tactile, interactive reference for people who use language creatively, are looking for just the right word, are learning/studying English, and want to enrich their vocabulary.
  • Tree-based view with realistic physical behavior for easy navigation of complex entries.
  • Highly aesthetic interface with retina HD graphics.
  • Ability to share 'word posters' via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or printed hard copy.
  • Multiple Oxford's dictionary/thesaurus titles in one app.
  • Audio pronunciations in UK/US English.
  • Flexible search with matches, hints, relatives, and real-life sentences.
  • Smart bookmarking notes exact point of interest.
  • Random feature that simulates 'flying through language'
 See a video introduction to Wordflex Touch Dictionary
Wordflex 1
The gesture-based Wordflex Touch Dictionary interface facilitates moving nodes around, tapping, scrolling, pinching/spreading, enabling strongly interactive play with words to replicate the elemental, tactile aspects of learning language.
 Wordflex Touch Dictionary is $11.99 US in the iTunes App Store. It requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Note: Wordflex Touch Dictionary is a content-rich installation requiring nearly 1GB of storage space.

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