Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Rearview Mirror 2-15-2014

For those of you who may have missed an EDge21 featured post or who didn't have the opportunity to look at some of them during this past week, here's a second chance.




Concord Consortium is striving to help students learn science through a collaborative, inquiry-based program that incorporates the best features of digital technology.


Quandary is a free, online, award-winning game for players aged 8 to 14, that engages students in ethical decision-making and develops skills that will help them manage challenging ethical issues in their own lives.


Easyclass is a new LMS (Learning Management System) for teachers and students designed to simplify materials, assignments, tests, grades, and more.


The Buck Institute for Education (BIE) is a nonprofit organization that helps teachers learn how to use Project Based Learning in all grade levels and subject areas.


Great news! You can now see the entire content of the EDge21 blog in almost any language you choose!

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