Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Featured: 2-12-2014 Easyclass

About Us

Easyclass is a new LMS (Learning Management System) for teachers and students designed to simplify materials, assignments, tests, grades, and more.

Easyclass allows educators to create digital classes where they can store the course materials; manage discussions; give assignments, quizzes, and exams; grade results; monitor due dates; and provide students with feedback.
Benefits of Easyclass:
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Saves time.
  • Additional resources can be used to enhance learning.
  • Useful for Blended Learning initiatives.
  • Connect with like-minded educators to exchange ideas, get advice and share resources.
  • Stay connected with students.
  • Teach responsible digital interaction, good digital citizenship.
  • Students have easy access to assignments, class notices, and course content. 
Easy class

Each instructor gets 2GB storage space to store your course materials online and share with your students. Easyclass services are free and promise to remain free.

Easyclass  addresses the fundamental concerns of privacy and safety. There are no advertisements. Educators have full control of class management. Content created in the digital classes can be viewed only by the class members. 

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