Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11/7/2012 Scribophile [Writing]

Scribophile is an online writing group made up of writers who help each other with insightful critiques and by sharing their writing experiences.

Scribophile works on a karma point system. Members earn karma points by submitting thoughtful critiques for the work of others. If you're not sure how to critique, Scribophile shows you how to do it.

Everyone has to earn karma points before they can post. Members spend their karma points to post their own writing for feedback from the Scribophile community. Each work you post is guaranteed to get at least three long critiques.

With critiques from other writers, a professional writing blog, and writing forums, Scribophile can help improve your writing. Meet and connect with writers from all over the world. Your rights are protected as you have full control over your writing. Only other Scribophile members can read it.

The Scribophile system strives to ensure that every work you post gets insightful critiques from other talented writers.


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