Friday, November 2, 2012

EXTRA - 11/2/2012 - ShowMe [iPad Whiteboard]

A special series of posts this week featured four iPad apps that can help you use your iPad effectively with an interactive whiteboard. While preparing the planned posts, I found another app worthy of mention, ShowMe.

ShowMe is a free iPad app similar to Educreations which was presented Wednesday. ShowMe allows you to record voice-over whiteboard presentations and tutorials and share them online. It’s an intuitive app that anyone should find easy to use with a minimal learning curve.

Features of ShowMe:

  • Voice-record
  • Multiple brush colors
  • Pause and erase
  • Import images
  • Unlimited lesson length
  • Free to upload to to share your recordings with friends
  • Easy embedding for sharing anywhere

Watch a video about ShowMe

There is really very little difference between ShowMe and Educreations. The most notable differences are that ShowMe has more pen colors, but as far as I can see, does not support making your videos private.

Also, it appears that ShowMe outputs to the web in HTML5 and Educreations is in Flash.


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