Thursday, November 8, 2012

11/8/2012 GinkgoTree [Tools]

Easily create a course which integrates any media you want with GinkgoTree. Organize all your course material in one place for simple editing, sharing, and distributing.

GinkgoTree lets you use your own content, incorporate open source material such as a YouTube video or Project Guttenberg book directly in Ginkgotree. Also, use copyrighted materials like books and journal articles you already use, with appropriate permissions.  

Share a private link with your students to start teaching when you begin a new course. Give them the opportunity to interact with all those resources without ever leaving Ginkgotree. Your Ginkgotree coursepacks can be shared with other educators as well.

Comment on any of your students’ public notes and posted questions. You can also make public notes for your students and private notes for yourself.

Add selections from the books you already use, including your own hand-written notes. GinkgoTree does the scanning for you, free. Finish your coursepack, attach the provided shipping label onto your pack of books, and drop them in the mail. GinkgoTree will scan the pages you’ve specified, insert them into your coursepack, and return your books within a few weeks.

Watch an episode of the Today's Campus Innovation Interview Series in which Kirsten Winkler talks with Scott Hasbrouck, co-founder and CEO of GinkgoTree.

Less expensive for students than traditional textbooks, Ginkgotree costs up to $40/semester ($30/quarter) to use.


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