Monday, November 19, 2012

Featured: 11/19/2012 Panopto [Video]

Since 2007, Panopto has been developing innovative and affordable video capture and management software that can record any type of input, with any equipment, at any scale, by anyone with a laptop or smartphone.

Educational institutions can use Panopto to record lectures, give students on-demand access to course materials, and broadcast campus events. Panopto's software has been adopted by more than 400 universities. Panopto can provide personalized learning across an entire campus. Students can pause, search, review, and add notes to lectures.

Remote recording enables fully automated lecture capture from any laptop. Panopto will work with your current equipment, in virtually any environment. You won't have to buy any new hardware.  You have the flexibility to scale an entire department, campus, or network of campuses.

Ways to use Panopto:

  • From your laptop or iOS device, record multimedia course content, section reviews, lab demonstrations, and more.
  • Capture your screen, audio, and video with plug-and-play support for webcams and other devices.
  • Supplement recordings with PDF attachments and synchronized presentation slides.

Watch a video overview of Panopto

You can view Panopto content on any device that supports a web browser. Panopto’s native iPhone app puts the power of Panopto in your pocket.

Founded by technology entrepreneurs and software design veterans with deep roots in education, Panopto was built with technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science.  Panopto delivers video capture and management solutions to a variety of markets and institutions.


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