Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11/6/2012 EduMinder [Management]

Eduminder is a public non-profit organization established to provide K-12 schools free Internet-based software solutions to support and manage all educational and administrative activities.

Eduminder provides solutions and support to five groups: students, educators, administrators , school districts and school operations, and parents and communities.

Eduminder works toward solving common problems in education by eliminating inefficiencies that result from using disjointed computer systems. The Eduminder Education Information System (EEIS) has been built from the ground up specifically for K-12 education. EEIS delivers support to enhance and improve teaching, learning, and other aspects of the education process.

The EEIS is a fully integrated, single sign-on, web-based solution consisting of more than 70 application modules providing functionality, reporting, communications, and information sharing with real-time updates throughout the system.

The EEIS features unlimited data storage and no limitations to the number of supported schools, districts, administrators, teachers, students, and parents, while complying with all regulatory requirements.

Eduminder was initially developed as a nationwide solution in the US. EEIS now serves approximately 140,000 schools and 90-95 million users.


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