Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Featured: 2/12/2013 ProfessorWord [English]

ProfessorWord is a tool that can help you improve your vocabulary while you surf the web, with one-click definitions and highlights of SAT/ACT vocabulary words on any site.

Drag the free [Run ProfessorWord] bookmarklet button to your browser's bookmarks bar. Run ProfessorWord on any web page you're reading by clicking on the bookmarklet.

Now you can click any word to view its definition. You can also click words within the definition pop-ups. ProfessorWord automatically highlights all the SAT/ACT vocabulary words on the page.

Features for teachers:

  • Find readings for your classroom by analyzing any website for text complexity and vocabulary words used.
  • Search the database to find articles where words were used.
  • Assign readings and track your students' progress, articles read, words looked up.

With a free ProfessorWord account, you can save 1000 words for up to 30 days to create printable personalized study lists. With a free teacher account, you'll be able to manage a group of student accounts.


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