Monday, February 18, 2013

Featured: 2/18/2013 inklewriter [Writing]

inklewriter is a free online tool designed to allow anyone to write and publish interactive stories. Teachers and students can combine computer skills and creative writing.

inklewriter lets writers branch the story with interactive choices, and then links those stories back together again. It will track which paths are finished, and which are incomplete. Start writing and see where it takes you. It’s free to use, no set-up, no programming, no diagramming.Once written, stories can be shared with whomever you like. Every story is given its own unique web-page that you can share any way you choose.

An inklewriter story can be converted to a Kindle ebook. For a fee of £5(UK) or $10(US), your inklewriter story can be made into an ebook that can be read on a Kindle, or sold through Amazon. The ebook reads like a normal Kindle ebook, except that choices are included using hyperlinks.

Watch a video introduction to inklewriter

inkle is a Cambridge-based start-up focused is on making interactive stories that are easy to play and beautiful to read on modern tablet devices.


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