Thursday, February 7, 2013

Featured: 2/7/2013 Disposable Web Pages [Tools]

Today, two tools for creating disposable web pages are featured. Why disposable web pages? Often you need to publish info to the Web for just a limited run. You only need it for one class or a single day, then you won’t use it again. These two tools will let you create quick one-off pages that you can throw away when you’re finished with them.

With Disposable Web Page, you can create a disposable web page with just a few key strokes and immediately start adding the content you want to that page. Disposable Web Page offers you the convenience and freedom of getting information on the internet with as easily as can be.

Each disposable webpage has a countdown timer. You can set this timer to count down anywhere from 0 to 90 days from the time the page is created. When the timer reaches 00:00:00:00, the page is automatically set for disposal and will exist for just two more weeks before it gets incinerated.

When you create a page you will be given a master key that will allow you to:

  • Edit the disposable webpage.
  • Create an Editor key for others to co-edit the page.
  • Set the disposable date of the page.

Dinky Page lets you create short-term pages. You can edit the page at any time. Bookmark the page with the editor and use it whenever you need to make changes. You can also send yourself an email that will contain links to both the page with editor and your page online. You can change the URL of your page.

Create pages in a rich-text editor, with fonts, colors, bold, italic, etc. or use HTML coding. You can use Javascript and Flash on your page, use pretty much anything.

Pages do not expire and they will not be deleted automatically unless they violate the Terms of Use. You must delete the page manually.


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