Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Featured: 2/13/2013 Cerego [Learning]

Cerego bills itself as the world’s first memory management tool. Cerego gives learners the ability to learn faster, remember longer, and manage their memory for a lifetime.

Cerego’s learning algorithms are based on proven cognitive science and learning science theory, and combined with cloud technology, it is bringing learning solutions to an expanding global market for learning and knowledge.

As learners use Cerego, the tool measures the rate of information absorption and memory decay, while calculating the exact moment to review in order to achieve maximum memory strength.

The Memory Bank is a personalized visualization of learning progress, maps activation, and memory strength across all courses and individual items studied, making learning and re-learning more efficient and effective.

Watch a video about Cerego

The Cerego platform has currently logged 3.7 million study hours and presented over 1.6 billion items to learners worldwide. Cerego is currently in private invite-only beta.


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