Saturday, February 9, 2013

Extra: 2/9/2013 iPads in the Classroom Guide [Free eBook]

If you're using iPads in the classroom, or are are still evaluating the idea, it might be worth taking a look at Annalisa Kelly’s iPads in the Classroom Guide (2013 Edition).

iPads in the Classroom Guide (2013 Edition) is a beginner’s reference for teachers at all levels who are using iPads and/or other iOS devices in their lessons.

The book covers a range of subjects from case studies to lesson ideas to how to select the most appropriate and cost-effective apps. The logistics of implementation and device management is also covered in the guide.

This may be one of the best resources regarding iPads and education available. Available free in the iBookstore.

This book can be viewed on an iPad with iBooks 2 or later, iOS 5 or later.


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